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Tag Day

Donate in your neighborhood Thursday, August 10, 2023 or online anytime!

Tag Day is the marching band's main fundraiser, held every Summer after Band Camp and before the start of the football halftime show and competition season.

Band students and parent chaperones head out into Westerville's neighborhoods with a "tag"--a printout of the football schedule and the band's competition schedule. We go door-to-door, handing out the schedules and asking for any possible monetary donation.

If you are not home when we come by on that day, we will leave the schedule and a promotional door hanger. On the hanger is a QR code that takes you to our Music Booster website. You can make a secure online donation using this site link to help our band perform.

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After Band Camp and after Tag Day we are offering a special performance of the halftime show that the band students have been working hard to learn.






On Monday, September 11th, at 7 pm, come see our progress on this year's show, "Non-Stop!" This show is free to anyone in our community and features music from the blockbuster musical Hamilton and music from James Bond. We will perform at Jim McCann Stadium as a Thank You gift to all of the people in Westerville who help the Marching Warriors succeed.


Operating the Marching Warriors is a costly challenge each and every year. We need money for instrument repairs. This includes our wind instruments, our snares, quads, bass drums, and front pit instruments. Each year we have new students which results in uniform adjustments. And each year is a brand new show with newly composed music, newly designed marching drill, and new themes for color guard uniforms, flags, and other props and decoration.


Teaching the students requires many wonderful and dedicated musicians, instructors, and staff. And while they love what they do every year, we don't make them do it for free.


Travelling to away football games and our major competitions also requires truck and bus rentals, food, and other travel costs.


Any donations that we can get from you makes it that much easier for the marching band to spend more time having fun doing what we love and getting better at performing our show.


THANK YOU for all the support you have given us over the years and for the years still to come. Every time we step onto a field, we know that you helped get us there. 

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