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A "Stormy?" Week 4

Homecoming Friday was not what anyone was expecting. The game had barely got underway when a weather delay put everything on hold for two hours. But true to form, the band rolled with the punches and kept their spirits up. While they waited things out indoors, the cookie time with the Canal Winchester band family went quite well. At least according to the video evidence:

Once the game got started again, the bands replaced the halftime performances with alternating stand tunes. I know that it was disappointing to miss a chance to display all the hard practice time that went on this week, but it will all pay dividends in the coming weeks ahead.

All in all, a good night. The Marching Warriors looked sharp back in the full uniform and another week of theme's uniform modifications was a fun twist as well. (It was Neon Night.) Thanks once more to Aaron Layne for the very good shots of the band in the stands and on the field. And thanks to Sharon Dewey for the behind the scenes video and for the other photos of the kids and the parents finding the time to have fun--as we always do.

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