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Band Banquet 2019

I've run out of ways to praise this band and I've run out of ways to describe how proud we all are of the work they did this year. Every year is different in its own way. And every year has unique memories and moments that make it great. But a lot of us are going to hold this one close to our "hearts". (Maybe that's the last cardiac-related pun I get to make this year? sigh)

The good news is that if you were at our end-of-season banquet last night, you got to hear lots of other people praise the band and praise their work. And the staff got praised as well (as well they should!). It was a night of happiness and cheer. We got to hear the music of "Heart" one last time--at least live. (What you hear running in a constant loop in your head is your business.)

For all of the volunteers who thought ahead for what was needed for the banquet . . . THANK YOU. For every volunteer who stopped what they were doing yesterday to fill gaps at the last minute . . . THANK YOU. To the WNHS Custodial staff who handled all of our requests--both planned and unplanned with grace and cheer . . . THANK YOU. And to the parents, grandparents, siblings, and everyone who attended and celebrated this season . . . THANK YOU!

As Ms. Loney said, none of this could be accomplished without the dedication of so many people. We all work together to make this band a great thing. And we did it again last night.

There are so many great photos and videos of last night's event on various social media platforms. So I'm going to end this post with a plug for them, in case you aren't already using them and need to be informed.

Go to the Main Page of this Web site and look in the upper right corner to find links to the Facebook page for Westerville North Music Boosters. And if you are a band student or band parent, please use the link to the BAND app to stay informed on our calendar of events, practices, needs, etc. It came it quite handy during the marching season and we'll definitely be using it more for concert season and during the spring when we start organizing for the next marching show.

Finally, please consider joining the Music Boosters. The dues are only $10 and you can attend our monthly meetings. (There is one coming up next Thursday at 7 pm.) We'd love to see you and hear your ideas.

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