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Camp Week UPDATED Information



As you know, things are changing rapidly in Ohio. We are making updates in order to keep up with the science and create the safest, most positive experience for the band.

A study on the spread of aerosols through instruments has indicated that the safest option is for all playing to be done outside. This puts kids outside a lot of the day and, as you know, it is hot.

With safety in mind, we are adjusting the schedule for camp week (7/27-7/31) to allow for some time at home and make use of the cooler part of the day. We will also build in breaks that do not involve playing to allow for some escape from the heat indoors as needed.

NO CHANGES to Pre-camp week:

Monday, 7/20-Friday, 7/24: 9am-5pm--bring your own lunch.

Camp week:

Sunday 7/26: NO REHEARSAL--Leadership Team will meet 1-3pm with the SENIOR DINNER 5pm (Seniors and staff only)

Monday, 7/27-Friday, 7/31: 1pm-9pm. Eat lunch before you come. Dinner will be served.

We have a few students who are planning to pay in the front ensemble for the halftime show but play other instruments for pregame and in the stands. These students should bring their other instruments as we will spend some time on pregame and stand tunes during camp.

I understand that this schedule change might create some transportation issues. Please let me know if you need assistance in this. We have people ready to help.

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