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Community Scholarships Now Available for 2021 Seniors

Good day 2021 Seniors and senior parents.

I'm happy to let you know that the Westerville Community Scholarships are now live on the Westerville Parent Council web site. (Please use this link to navigate to the site for all of the detailed information.)

This webpage will give you access to all of the scholarship opportunities that are being offered by community organizations in the Westerville area and those specific scholarships offered exclusively to Westerville North graduating seniors. Two of those scholarships are offered by the Music Booster organizations, so seniors who have participated in band, choir, orchestra should pay special attention to that.

Students must complete your scholarship profile online using the Westerville City Schools Scholarship Application Gateway. Students can create their online profile account here:

The deadline to complete any and all of your scholarship applications is JANUARY 17, 2021.

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