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Contactless Uniform Drive Tag Day

The title of this blog post contains one adjective and four nouns. And when read in sequence you may not immediately know what they mean.

So, let me break it down for you.

Contactless--This one may be the most obvious, give the times we are currently living in. Doing something without touch. In other words, doing something with personal boundaries and coronavirus safety firmly in mind.

Uniform Drive--Every athletic team wears a uniform. It builds unity. It represents collective effort and pride. But uniforms are not immortal. And as time goes on, repairs and replacements are needed. So, sometimes a team targets a fund raiser to purchase new uniform parts, add additional sizes, replace worn items.

Tag Day--This is the traditional fundraising effort that the Westerville North Marching Band holds every year. Historically, band members visit door-to-door, informing Westerville residents of the upcoming marching band (and football) season. We hand out a "tag"--a schedule of games and band competitions. People often help the band financially with a monetary gift to support the band's season.

So . . . when you add it all together, I'm here to tell you that the Westerville North band is conducting a Contactless Tag Day fundraiser that is targeting funds to replace, refresh, and repair our current uniform stock.

Why do this now?

The best answer is that our band is growing bigger and that puts pressure on the uniforms that we've used for many years. We need some new sized pants and tops. We need some new gauntlets. We new some new shako hats and plumes. Because of the reinvigorated spirit of the Marching Warrior band family we've got to get ready for the band that got much bigger since last year and projects to be bigger again in 2021 and 2022.

The contactless part of the Uniform Drive comes in our advertising method. Band members will be distributing front doorknob hangers that summarize the goal and point you to a GoFundMe Web site that the Boosters have created. This eliminates the face-to-face Tag Day style of past years and encourages money contributions where money doesn't physically change hands. We miss talking to you in person, but we felt this was the safest way to proceed at this unusual time.

Any donations that you can give to our GoFundMe site is so greatly appreciated.

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