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COVID-19 Precautions During Rehearsals

Please see the following information from Ms. Loney regarding new policies about COVID. These will continue to change as we get more information and we will do our best to keep you informed as soon as we have updated information.

Rehearsal Size and Location

Students will be rehearsing in small groups (12) in a socially distanced manner.  Each group will be assigned an instructor, and students will not have contact with any students or instructors other than those in their assigned group until we enter the next phase of re-opening.   Rehearsals will all be outdoors until we enter the next phase of re-opening.  Stadium restrooms will be available. Student Equipment MASKS--Students MUST have their own mask and water bottle to participate in rehearsal.  Masks will be worn by students when possible and by staff at all times.      INSTRUMENTS--Whenever possible, students will take instruments home with them and bring them back to rehearsal so they are not stored in the school building which is still closed to students.  Pit members, bass drummers, quad players, and sousaphone players may be given special instructions.  

Monitoring Symptoms

Students and coaches are to stay home if they have a fever above 100 or are experiencing symptoms.   Arriving at Rehearsal 1. Students will remain socially distanced while entering the rehearsal space. 2. Students will be checked for mask, water bottle, and completed forms (on Final Forms or hard copies for 8th graders) and WILL BE SENT HOME IF ANY ITEMS ARE MISSING. 3. Students will use hand sanitizer (provided by coach) when entering the rehearsal space    During Rehearsal 1. Students and staff must remain socially distanced at all times. 2. Students are not to touch any equipment or belongings other than their own and should leave their belongings at least six feet away from all other students' belongings. 3. If restrooms are used, students must wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Following Rehearsal 1. Students will wipe/spray down all equipment with sanitizers provided by coach. 2. Students will use hand sanitizer (provided by coach) as they exit the rehearsal space.

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