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Game 1--Hope Gets A Win

Not only did the football team get their season off to a good start with a 17-0 shutout of Franklin Heights High School . . . but the Marching Warriors all gathered together in one place (what a shock!), performed at pre-game, and . . . despite Mother Nature's and the referees best efforts . . . performed the beginnings of the 2020 Halftime show.

So many things have gotten in the way of last night happening. And all of the Band family just stayed on their feet, spun whatever way we needed to, and kept our eyes and our hearts fixed firmly on the future. And for last night at least, it worked.

All of you deserve a sincere thank you and so much more for helping all of us get to what happened on Friday night. And it gives us confidence and hope that more good things are still to come this season.

Keep showing up.

Keep practicing.

Keep believing and hoping.

Keep taking pictures and videos. Because this year is going to be one of the most memorable seasons in all of our lives.

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