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Hey band! Need access to drill sheets?

Ms. Loney has provided documents online for both pregame and WILD coordinate sheets and other documents. Currently there are WILD coordinate sheets for Movement 1 through Movement 3.

If your student needs to get a replacement copy or to print one out, here is what you need to do to get the sheets.

Step 1--Visit the site. Click the Marching Band button in the menu above (in the top left corner of this website).

Step 2--This will take you to the main Marching Band page. Scroll down to see the button links.

Step 3--Click the WILD Show and Pregame - Coordinate Sheets, Drill Animation, etc. button. This will open a new browser tab on Dropbox.

Step 4--On Dropbox you will see the folders for Movements 1 through 3 as well as Pregame. (As the new parts of the show are added, other folder will appear.)

NOTE--You can also access music for WILD Parts 1 through 4 via the other Access Parts button on the page. Finally, the Music Packets button gives you access to stand tunes, the national anthem, and many other necessary music--all divided by instrument.

Big thanks to Cindy Munson for keeping these files up to date online.

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