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Home versus Central (aka The Coat Game)

Our new raincoats!

Honestly, I may not write about anything related to halftime or the game or anything at all except talk about how great it was to see the Marching Band decked out in their new rain gear. And you may think that is a weird obsession to have and I'll just nod vigorously and say guilty!

If you don't know, last year was pretty awful weather-wise. It rained almost every game. And the band struggled through it week after week. We fought to keep the front ensemble equipment dry--not always successfully. We fought to keep the marimbas and vibes dry--not always successfully. We fought to keep the battery drum heads dry--not always successfully. And we fought to keep all of the kids and their instruments and reeds dry . . . definitely NOT always successfully.

And so, one of the key goals of the Music Boosters for this year 2019-2020 was to find a way to get raincoats for the band so that they (and future generations of band members) wouldn't need to struggle against the elements quite so much, allowing them to focus on the important things like playing their music, having fun with their friends, and bringing spirit to their high school community. In the first meetings over the summer we targeted our budget and found enough money to put in an order and we waited . . .

And while we waited, the weather was great! Sure it was hot when it was supposed to be. And it is now getting chilly at games, as you would expect on an October Friday night. But up until last night against Westerville Central . . . no rain. (Well . . . except for that ONE Home game in the first month when there was so much lightning that we all huddled inside and sold doughnuts in the HS Commons like fiends.)

Then! Just as the first real threats of rain came along with a chill in the night air . . . boxes of raincoats arrived in the band room. It was such a wonderful bit of timing. So, enjoy these photos of our kids enjoying themselves in their sweet new water-resistant threads. I think they look great!

Did we win the game? Don't know.

What was the score? Can't tell ya.

I've only got eyes for those slammin' coats!

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