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Tag Day a Success!

It's never easy to stick your neck out and ask for money. But each year, the Westerville North Marching Band goes out into the community and politely asks for financial help. And each year, our neighbors respond.

Last evening parent volunteers took band student groups to many neighborhoods in the North High School area and we went door to door selling our "Tags"--a schedule of football games and competition show dates. The students politely asked for any amount of donation to help the band fund its yearly activities. This includes everything from uniform maintenance, instrument repair, travel expenses, and all the other realities of a complicated organization.

The goal this year was ambitious--and we even limited the amount of time that we devoted to Tag Day. So we were nervous about the outcome. Could we meet the Band's financial goals in only three hours of hard work?

The answer?


Thanks to the commitment of our Westerville neighborhoods, we met our goal and even exceeded it this year. We cannot thank you enough for supporting us for the 2019 performance and competition season. We promise to use this money to make the band a better experience for the students and to make our shows this year something that you will enjoy and be proud of.

The theme of this year's competition show is "Heart." And there is no better way to experience the commitment and the love that the human heart represents than by experiencing the support that we got this year at Tag Day.

Thank you! Thank you! Thousands of times . . . thank you! From the bottom of our hearts.

Come see our halftime show and cheer along. Come see us in competition and cheer the kids progress. We'll make you proud Westerville!

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