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UPDATED--Thank you to our Sponsors

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

The 2020 Marching Warrior season has been filled with unexpected twists and turns. One thing that has always remained constant is the support we give to one another, the commitment we demonstrate to the band program, and the love we get from the Westerville community.

That is true from the local businesses that have committed to sponsoring the Marching Warriors this year--despite their own needs and in the face of so many unknowns. Every band member is taught that we work together to make the group stronger. And such sponsorship commitments is a real-world example of that same belief.

Thank you so much!

Jungle Level sponor

Site InSight

Site InSight provides professional-level marketing skills, Web site development, and custom SEO for you. If you don't want to pay the high prices of corporate design companies and you don't want to worry about the uncertainty of freelancers, consider the Site InSight team. Site Insight is certified by the Women's Business Enterprise. If you have enjoyed the look of local Westerville business Cardinal Pizza, thank Site InSight. Site InSight will make you shine!

Learn more about Site InSIght by clicking here.

Elevate Northland

Elevate Northland is a locally-based Community Development Corporation that brings together groups working on business development, public health, poverty and building community bonds. The goal of Elevate Northland is to work to improve the economic health and community of the Columbus Northland area.

Learn more about Elevate Northland by clicking here.

Meijer on 100 Polaris Parkway

You've shopped at Meijer so you know that it is a great store for everything from groceries to pharmacies, tents to televisions. But you might not think about how your local Meijer helps the community. The Marching Warriors could not plan everything we want to do this year without the generosity of Meijer. Thank you so much!

Qdoba Mexican Eats on 1055 Polaris Parkway

Marching Band burns a lot of calories--especially in the summer heat. And Band Camp is many long days. So when the Marching Warriors take a break from learning new drill and music, they are fortunate to have tasty food from local restaurants to help the energy go up again. Thank you to the team at Qdoba for their generous support again this year!

Walmart on 50 E. Schrock Road

UPDATE I just heard that the helpful staff at Walmart have approved a donation that puts it in our highest JUNGLE Level of Sponsor. They know as well as we do how difficult a Marching Band season we are facing this year, so the Music Boosters are so thankful to Walmart for coming in at this time to give us financial support. The next time you are going shopping (for literally anything), consider adding the Schrock Rd. Walmart to your run.

Other Thanks!

Main Beam Construction

One of our Senior band members--Josh Dewey--is completing his Eagle Scout project with a weather shelter on the marching band practice field. His construction project would not be possible without the generosity of Main Beam Construction.

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