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The Class of 2021

The Westerville North Marching Warriors closes its season with a final family performance on Monday evening. And it also serves as a final march for the graduating Class of 2021.

2017 Public Enemies

2018 Full Circle

2019 Heart

2020 That 70s Show

These seniors have seen and accomplished much during their four years. They qualified for the Finals of the MSBA state championships multiple times. They have captured Best Percussion and Best Auxiliary awards at MSBA Finals. They have won Best Music. They have won Best Visual Effect. They have been recognized across the state for their hard work.

They didn't ask for it, but they have also served as a bridge between band eras. They have been a transitional group of leaders--connected to the Marching Warriors of the past, leading in the present, and providing a strong base of enthusiasm and commitment for the band of the future. They have accepted change, never given up, and kept their happiness and their dedication to each other and to the program.

We are lucky to live in this digital age where we can capture so many daily practices, in-game traditions, performances, jokes, and laughter. These memories help us keep alive what we have been and what we are. It helps tell the story of the Class of 2021.

YouTube playlist for Public Enemies

YouTube playlist for Full Circle

YouTube playlist for Heart

YouTube playlist for That 70s Show

Thank you, seniors, for everything.

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