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We are overwhelmed with gratitude

I hope you can see how big this THANK YOU image is on your screen, because that is the appropriate size for how much we appreciate all that happened this past Saturday at our We Love BINGO fundraiser.

This Music Booster event set new records in attendance (over 400!)and so many other things. We raised over $2000 in a 50/50 Raffle and happily awarded half of that to one lucky winner. We had such a good time with everyone who came to play BINGO with us. We sincerely hope that you will come back in May for our next BINGO event--the second annual Summer Bucket List BINGO. (HINT--you can use this link to preorder your tickets for the May event right now and ensure that you will have a seat at this very popular event. And if you and five of your friends want to Reserve a table for six, you can also do that to ensure that your seats will be waiting for you when you arrive.)

THANKS first and foremost go to you for attending and spreading the word about the event. But thanks must always also go to the 50+ parents and volunteers who spent their Saturday setting up tables, decorating the High School Commons, setting up the video and sound, displaying all of our wonderful Raffle baskets, preparing the delicious food and working concessions for hours, coordinating and displaying all of our donated baked goods, and so much more! Thanks to our admissions tables team, our hosts and BINGO callers, and for the many, many, MANY hours before the event began thinking, planning, donating, prepping, and doing so many things to make BINGO successful this time and every time.

All of this work helps bring our community together. Everyone in attendance comes to have fun with friends. All of the proceeds helps keep our Marching Band growing and strong. As you saw on the tables, the students LOVE this program and these events help us keep that love beating for them.

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