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Week 3

Historians and pop culture commentators often called the 1970s the "Me" Decade. Writer Thomas Wolfe may have been the person who spread this description the widest. I think there was some negativity assigned to this descriptor, suggesting that the 1970s was a time of self-reflection--or most negatively--narcissism. A too-strong emphasis on self rather than the collective good of others.

Why do I bring this up in a post that is supposed to be about the week 3 loss (boo!) against cross town rivals from Westerville South? Because an emphasis on self is just not that common a thread among the kids here in the Westerville North Marching Band.

I see new evidence of it all the time.

Kids and parents and staff all wear masks all the time. It has become part of the uniform, as accepted as the summer polo or the ever present Dinkles shoes. Though we all look forward to the days ahead when we won't need to wear that particular part of the uniform . . . we do it now because circumstances require it. And we do it for the good of the group. So that the group can meet, can practice, can learn, and can do what we all like the most--be with each other safely. So that we can perform together. So that we can hear the cheers of the crowd and the encouraging shouts of the cheerleaders.

There is a "me" in Team . . . sure. But if you twist your point of view just a bit, you see that with a bit of commitment, that "me" can become a "we."

We look forward to the next game where we perform even more of That 70s Show for you all. Until then, we will keep putting in the work.

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