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Week Three

The Marching Warriors looked good in their patriotic headbands this week.

We would all like to cheer for a North football victory this week, but it sadly didn't happen. The defense kept it close throughout most of the game, but the Victory Bell remains unrung.

The Marching Warriors, on the other hand, made make adjustments and improvements between games. The first segment of Part Three of "Heart" hit the field. (And I for one didn't even notice the presence of the metronome.) Spencer and Daniel's solos continue to improve and we got to enjoy Katie's mellophone solo in Part Three as well.

(And I like how the students are modifying their summer uniform looks each week to match the theme of the Student Section. It is a nice way to unify their efforts.)

Each and every week, the Marching Warrior show the power of teamwork, hard work, and the ability to have fun. I can't wait to see what shines through in Week Four!

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