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What a Wild Season!

It is always bittersweet when the marching band season finishes. And it takes a bit of time to accept. Because how can something that takes up so much of your time through the summer and the fall . . . end? All of the time that you devoted to it. All the practice. All the marching. All of the reps . . . the reps . . . and more, more reps! All of the halftime shows! And the competitions!

And then it stops.

It takes some acceptance. It takes some adjustment.

And, to be clear, there are GOOD things about it ending. We could all use a breather. The many volunteers who showed up each week to pull trees and push backdrops, who loaded and unloaded props and keep water glasses filled and snacks at the ready . . . they need a break.

The kids and the staff could use a break as well because who wants to practice drill when it is dark? When the sun goes down at 4:45, good luck getting some quality marching time in. Not to mention how cold it would be outdoors. But even more so, marching band has to end for it to be such a special time. I think we love it so because it is intense. That means it is fleeting. You share that experience and then you have to let it go.

But we can all start anticipating sharing it once more! Next season will arrive. There will be new drill. New music. New things to rep and rep again! New excitement. And new faces to greet.

Think of how much uncertainty existed this past summer. Think back to all of the new faces and the work necessary to help people get to know each other. Think about the summer weeks filled with team building and section building. Think of all of the music that had to be learned and how much marching had to be taught for the first time.

Now . . . think of what all of that resulted in these months later! How confidently this band of people approached the last few, most important competitions. How great they sounded when they were really, really performing.

Think how you felt when the Marching Warriors hit that note and performed that drill. Remember when the guard caught their flags. When the battery nailed that sticking pattern. When the front ensemble executed that scale!

It's been such a fun season--made all the more special by what we couldn't do the previous year. It has been an honor to send off the graduating class of 2022 in such fashion. Some of them have been with the Marching Warriors ever since "Public Enemies"! They were all so critical in making "Full Circle", "Heart", "That 70s Show", and "Wild" memorable, quality shows.

The seniors presence and their talent, as well as their leadership and their friendship has cemented this band together for years. Their example will help the underclassmen establish their own bonds that carry the band forward into the future.

Thank you seniors for EVERYTHING! Thank you staff. Thank you volunteers. Let's do it again next year.

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